“An Era of Unprecedented Change”

Actionable Intelligence

Objective, analytical information on the state of the novel coronavirus remains woefully inadequate. Sadly, reporting by most public and social media sources is heavily-tinged with political bias and lacks even rudimentary analytical rigor.

In mid-March, I launched an effort to build a repository of critical virus-related information (tests, positives, infections, recoveries, fatalities) at various levels of granularity – world, country, state or province, and metropolitan area. From this, I established a daily reporting mechanism and underlying analyses, designed to equip business leaders, economic and investment advisors and clinicians with insight about the state of the virus spread and underlying trends.

My intent is to inform leaders with actionable intelligence, free of both the fearmongering and denial perspectives that dominate the general and social media.

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Chronicles of a Pandemic


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Chronicles of a pandemic